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Milwaukee Solar Group Buys

What is a Solar Group Buy? A solar group buy is when community members form a group and use their collective buying power to save on the total cost of going solar. The Solar East Side program can help residents invest in lower cost solar installations through the power of volume purchasing. 

The MREA partners with the City of Milwaukee's Milwaukee Shines program and neighborhood associations, co-ops, radio stations, art galleries, libraries, and more. Successful group buys have been run in Riverwest, Bay View, Layton Boulevard West, and Washington Heights. 





Solar East Side: 26 homes installed 84 kW
Solar LBWN & Washington Heights: 13 homeowners installed 48 kW
Solar Bay View: 38 homeowners installed 138 kW
Solar Riverwest: 17 homeowners installed 52 kW

Total Solar Group Buy Installs: 92 homes

Total Solar Group Buy kW: 322 kW

You do not need to be a City of Milwaukee resident to participate - the group buys are open to all Southeastern Wisconsin residents and business owners. However, the main focus and outreach is concentrated in the targeted neighborhoods. Solar group buys have been completed in several Milwaukee neighborhoods, including Washington Heights, Layton Boulevard West, Bayview, and Riverwest. As a result, 68 home and business owners have installed new solar electric and solar hot water systems totaling 238 kW of clean, renewable energy.



Rent a Solar Pathfinder

Would you like to get a cursory overview of your home’s solar window? Do you need to complete your practice site assessments for your MREA Site Assessor Certification? You might want to consider renting an MREA Solar Pathfinder!

The MREA Milwaukee office has Solar Pathfinders available for rent. The Pathfinder Rental only occurs at the Milwaukee office, and is a benefit for MREA members only. The Solar Pathfinder can be rented from the MREA Milwaukee office for a total of 10 days. The cost of the 10-day rental of the Solar Pathfinder is $50. Contact the MREA Milwaukee office to schedule a rental: 414-988-7963.

The MREA Milwaukee office is located in Escuela Verde, 3628 W Pierce Street

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