Check Out the Entertainment at
The 26th Annual Energy Fair, June 19 - 21, 2015!

Friday Entertainment

Patchouli - Friday, 5:00 p.m. - Forest Stage

Master guitarist, Bruce Hecksel is considered one of the most exciting acoustic lead guitar players of our time. Teamed up with Julie Patchouli, whose crystal pure voice and dynamic percussive guitar sparkle, Patchouli’s sound has been described as “the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel meet the guitar brilliance of the Gipsy Kings". 

Their instrumental guitar project Terra Guitarra – “Dragonfly” was Nominated ZMR 2014 Best Instrumental Acoustic Album of the Year. Patchouli’s music lyrically expresses that celebration of the beauty of nature, the healing messages of connection and environment with topics of tolerance, love and stories from their extensive travels. It's family friendly earth conscious folk meets flamenco.
“Patchouli live is amazing.  I compare it to taking a yoga class in a field of running mustangs.” –City Pages


Green Mini Demo Derby w. DJ Bleeding Heart - Friday, Clean Energy Car Show

The Green Mini Demo Derby brings the worlds of county fairs and alternative energy into collision. The demo derby will have rounds thoughout the weekend (times to be determined for 2015). 

Don't miss the first bouts!

2015 Confirmed Participants To Date:

The Mustache - Friday, 7:00 p.m. - Main Stage

In a time where live music has been dominated by mainstream labels, new technology, and worst of all, hairless upper lips, Wisconsin's finest funk/dance party band The Mustache has kept strong roots in classic and contemporary funk music which is ideal for producing a flourishing, thick and bushy, party atmosphere. Along with their desire to create the funkiest music possible, the band also exudes a satirical sense of humor in a
Spinal Tap-esque fashion with comical characters and outrageous stage antics. Don’t miss this Mustache ride!

"Makin' it NASTY is what we do and we expect the same from you!!!"

Saturday Entertaiment

Prodo - Saturday, 5:00 p.m. - Forest Stage

On the surface Prodo is an Alternative Funk-Rock band that plays original music with addictive funky bass lines, jaw dropping drumming, and unforgivingly groovy guitar. Positive thoughtful lyrics about living the good life float atop irresistible dance grooves and dizzying breaks. But underneath the funky foundation lives a secret force that drives the band. As described in their debut album Prodotype, Prodo is an ancient spirit that possesses the members of the band and works through them for its unknown means. Once they start the beat, the spirit takes them hostage and slowly washes over the room through the sound waves.

Prodo's music will make your body twitch and writhe and it's groove has been known to hypnotize the unwary and unwise. So be warned that hidden beneath the energetic funky grooves and positive vibrations lay dark untamed explorations of African World Music, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Rock n Roll, and the unknown will of the spirit called Prodo.


Green Mini Demo Derby w. DJ Bleeding Heart - Saturday, 5:00 p.m. - Clean Energy Car Show

Green Mini Demo Derby brings the worlds of county fairs and alternative energy into collision. It includes a heat on Friday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. and the championship round on Saturday, June 21 at 7:00 p.m. These cars are powered by a mobile solar power station.
Don't miss the first bouts!

Join confirmed participants:


Baba Ghanooj - Saturday, 7:00 p.m. - Main Stage

Energy Fair fixture Baba Ghanooj joins us again on Friday night. Baba has been playing at the Energy Fair for many years and each time is more fun than 

the last. Baba also opens up the stage to you with an open mic portion of the night. Wear your dancing shoes; you'll need them!



Sunday Entertainment

Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes - Sunday, 9:00 a.m. 

Enjoy the most important meal of the day with a side of polka. 
Join Norm Dombrowski & The Happy Notes for an Organic Valley breakfast and MREA fundraiser.

Tom Pease - Sunday, Time To Be Determined - Rainbow's End

Kids of all ages, be prepared to sing along with Tom. Bring the whole family!

Tom has an infectious sense of fun and community building. With movement, sign language, humor, and joy,
he creates concerts that leave audiences laughing and singing. He’s performed full time since 1982, often giving more than 200 performances per year. He’s also a frequent presenter at early childhood and environmental conferences, keynoting and leading breakout sessions that explore the role of music in shaping our lives and
the world we live in. Tom connects and inspires with every show he does.


Eddie Danger - Sunday, 3:00 p.m. - Main Stage

Eddie Danger started his career in music as an alto sax player in the 5th grade. In the 9th grade he was kicked out of the Jazz band and stopped playing music for about 4 years. At age 18 an enlightening experience in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert reintroduced Ed’s Love of music and he started frequenting drum circles.  Now he plays the upside-down guitar, didgeridoo, piano, pump organ, multiple woodwinds, various percussion, ukulele, and more.Eddie Danger is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and looper of 4-part vocal harmonies & instruments from around the world.

He is a playwright, story teller, parade & festival organizer, and a Reverend who has officiated over 25 weddings.

"Dangers most important instrument is his voice: He scats and oomps and sings through clever compositions, sounding not unlike anti-folks answer to Bobby McFerrin" - The Onion

“I’ve found myself listening to a wonderful songwriter who is really making a name for himself in the Folk scene”  - Stephanie Elkins, Simply Folk, Wisconsin Public Radio

"John Prine meets Iron & Wind" - Gregorian-Dub-Folk