Krepel Home

3134 S Vermont Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Site Description: 

Located on city lot in Bayview neighborhood, this 7.7 KW photovoltaic system produces more than we use for all but two months of the year. Being grid-tied allows us to share renewable energy with our neighbors, pay for electricity at off peak rates, and get a monthly check for every KW produced. Additional sustainability features extensive gardens, 900 gallon rain harvesting system, and hospitality for all visitors.

7.7 kw system consisting of 24-175watt kyocera panels on house and 20 panels on garage. System installed in 2007.

Installed a rain harvesting system to irrigate all of our gardens.

Site Technology: 

Brennan Exteriors
H & H Electric
Directions to the Site: 

Turn south off of Oklahoma Ave on to Illinois Ave. Go one block to Fernwood and turn left one block to Vermont Ave. Right on Vermont. House in one block north on the right.

Google Map: