Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church

W299N5565 Grace Drive
Hartland, WI 53029-1128

Site Description: 

The site is an open lawn or field area on the northeast portion of the church property. The site has full southern exposure, and good solar exposure for most of the day.

The 19.68 kW solar PV system consists of:

  • 82 Solar panels: Sharp NU-U240F2 (made in USA); 240W, 37.4V open circuit, 7.98A short circuit. The solar panels are installed on two ground-mounted racks.
  • 4 Inverters: Advanced Energy PVP 4600 (made in USA); Maximum output 4600 Watts, DC voltage operating range 205 – 450 VDC, DC input maximum current 48A, AC nominal voltage 208V, AC maximum continuous current 23A, efficiency 95.5%. The inverters and circuit-breaker panel are installed in a wooded shed located directly behing the northernmost array of solar panels.
Site Technology: 

Sunvest Solar Inc., N16W24132 Prairie Ct., Waukesha, WI
Current Electric, 12625 W Burleigh, Brookfield, WI
Directions to the Site: 

From Highway 16, take North Avenue (if you are going east), or Merton Avenue (if you are going west) exit at Hartland. Go north on North Avenue or Merton Avenue to Highway K. The church is located on the corner of North Avenue (Highway E) and Highway K. If you are coming on North Avenue, proceed to the church with the solar panels at the corner of Highways E and K. If you are coming from Merton Avenue, go west on Highway K to the church with the solar panels. Enter the church property on Grace Drive.

Google Map: