MREA Staff

Karen Blaha, Market Development Coordinator
715-592-6595 ext. 109
Karen is the Market Development Coordinator for the MREA’s Midwest Power Pack program. Her job is to develop partnerships with community organizations, colleges, and businesses to educate the public about the benefits of solar and to promote local jobs.
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Julie Brazeau, Instructor Development Coordinator
715-592-6595 ext. 119
Julie is the Instructor Development Coordinator at the MREA. As part of the Midwest Solar Training Network (MSTN) team, her job is to help build a strong network for delivering photovoltaic training to Code Officials throughout the Midwest.
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Sandy Crawford, Bookkeeper
715-592-6595 ext. 103
Sandy Crawford is our bookkeeper, meaning she handles the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll at MREA.
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Jenny Heinzen, Curriculum and Training Coordinator
Jenny is the Curriculum and Training Coordinator, which means she writes and edits curriculum for a variety of MREA courses, mainly PV and wind. 
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Elizabeth Hittman, Milwaukee Director
414-431-0758 ext. 3
Elizabeth is the Milwaukee Director and works in MREA's Milwaukee office. She is working on expanding MREA's trainings throughout the midwest and is working to help reduce the cost to install solar in Wisconsin.
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Nick Hylla, Executive Director
715-592-6595, ext. 107
As the Executive Director of the MREA, Nick Hylla leads the organization’s strategic planning, manages the budget and finances, and serves as the staff representative on the MREA Board of Directors.
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Ellie Jackson, Events Coordinator
414-431-0758, ext. 2
Ellie is the lead organizer of The Energy Fair, meaning if you have questions regarding exhibiting or presenting at The Energy Fair, traveling to The Energy Fair, volunteering with The Energy Fair, or vending food or eating food during The Energy Fair, she's your go-to person.
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Matt Keller, Outreach Coordinator
715-592-6595, ext. 100

Matt is the initial point of contact for MREA members, customers, and friends.  If you have a general question or need to be connected with an expert, he's the staff member to speak (or type) with first.
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Stephen Knudsen, Certificate Program Coordinator
715-592-6595 ext. 106
Steve is working with MREA staff to expand the Site Assessment Certificate Program to include PV design and sales and commercial PV site assessment certificates.
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Chris Leslie, IT Manager
715-592-6595 ext. 117
Chris make the Internet (also known as "them thar Internets") work properly. But seriously, Chris is the go-to guy at the MREA for Apple & Windows troubleshooting/maintenance/repair.
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Allison Lindquist, Events Assistant
715-592-6595 ext. 115
Allison assists with any task related to The Energy Fair or any other MREA events and conferences.
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Gina Miresse, Membership Coordinator
715-592-6595 ext. 113
Gina is your number one contact for MREA Membership. She wants YOU to join, today. Seriously.
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Nicole Rice, Training Network Coordinator
715-592-6595 ext. 112
Nicole serves as the Training Network Coordinator and is here to help you navigate your way through the Site Assessment Certificate Program.
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Clay Sterling, Regional Training Officer
715-592-6595 ext. 110
Clay works with educational institutions, local organizations, and business owners to arrange contract trainings throughout the Midwest.
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Doug Stingle, Development Director
715-592-6595 ext. 104
As Development Director, Doug is your contact for all things related to the The Energy Fair and Solar Tour - and he works on the SOLAR THERMAL conference, too.
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Amiee Wetmore, Operations Manager
715-592-6595 ext. 118

With MREA since 2011, Amiee's addiction to organization and multi-tasking turn out to be quite beneficial as Operations Manager.
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Mike White, Site Manager
715-592-6595 ext. 105
Mike is responsible for the development and maintenance of the MREA’s buildings, grounds, educational tools, and equipment.
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