2015 Rate Cases: Make a Public Comment!

It has been and always will be the MREA’s vision, that our programs and services will respond to evolving energy issues, empower people to make wise lifestyle choices, and be accessible to the broadest possible audience. We will share our success with other like-minded organizations, recognizing that we are stronger when we all work together for our common goals.  

We wanted to inform you of the proposed increase in Xcel Energy’s fixed monthly rate charges for 2016 that will negatively impact customer owned investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and penalize those who use the least energy. 

Xcel Energy is seeking to increase their monthly fixed rates, asking the Public Service Commission to approve a $10.00 rate increase to $18.00.

Utility companies are posturing that the huge increases in fixed monthly charges are about fairness to all customers. Utilities claim that customers who have installed renewable energy systems are not “paying their far share”, all without providing any data to back up this assertion. In fact all studies to date have shown that customer owned solar provides benefits to ALL customers, not just the system owner.

MREA Executive Director Nick Hylla wrote an editorial for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailing the situation.

Let your voice be heard! Our friends at RENEW WI have set up an easy way for you to let your support of renewable energy and energy efficiency be heard. Click on the link below to submit your comment to the Public Service Commission.

Click here to submit a public comment in protest of Xcel Energy Increase:



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